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All those gaming freaks out of you must be familiar with the game ‘Subway Surfers’. This game is available for all major mobile OS, and has crossed millions of downloads so far. In this article, you will learn how to play Subway Surfers online. The rating of this game in Google Play is quite appealing. The rating has come from people who have actually played this game. After playing this game for once, you will surely get addicted to it.


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I have been playing Subway Surfers on my Android mobile for quite some time now. Yeah, I play Subway Surfers online as well. Of course, there is difference between the fun levels in two, but still, in the case you don’t own Android or iOS device, playing this incredible game online is good alternate.

Subway Surfers Gameplay


Subway Surfers


Best part of this game is its environment, which takes you into a new world of fun and excitement. Subway Surfers has three central characters –  Jake, Tricky & Fresh. They all are in trouble. A policeman along with his dog is running behind your central character. He wants to catch you, but on the contrary, your task is to escape from it by running fast and fast, and clearing all hurdles coming in your way. For the beginning, the pace of the game is slow which is something easy to play and score, but as you proceed ahead, the pace changes, and so do the level of excitement. While play Subway Surfers online, just forget about everything. Only keep your goal in your mind, which is to collect as many coins as possible, and to stay away from the hands of policeman chasing you. Play your level best and DODGE the oncoming trains! The high-end graphics, sound effects take the fun to a high level. Make use of your powers wisely so as to score more than your friends.

Play Subway Surfers Online

You can play Subway Surfers online for free, and thus can enter into the virtual world of fun and excitement. There is no need of any downloading, nothing! Just head over your browser to the link that I’m providing in this article, and start playing the game right away! Since the online version is flash based, so make sure that you have ‘Flash Player’ installed in your browser. If you don’t have, then take some time to go to Adobe’s official website, and download the flash plugin meant for your browser. Once you have it, just click on the link below to play Subway Surfers online, for free.

Play Subway Surfers Online

Clicking the above link will take you to new webpage where the Subway Surfers will load in a matter of few seconds. Of course, it will happen only if you have flash player installed. After the game gets loaded, just hit the play button. You will be able to play Subway Surfers online in no time. Keep playing to beat the high scores of your friends. Good luck

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You will be able to play Subway Surfers online in no time. Keep playing to beat the high scores of your friends. Good luck!

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